June 24, 2024
In this podcast Klaudia Oliver, who is a cultural alchemist, artivist, and event producer living in San Miguel de Allende, in the central highlands of Mexico, will guide you to the tradition of day of the dead in Mexico. 

On today’s podcast I’m in San Miguel de Allende with Klaudia Oliver, co-founder of La Calaca, a festival built on local traditions and modern participatory arts. During the conversation we explore what it means to dance with death from mourning to remembrance to humor. Klaudia explains how to create an ofrenda, a traditional Día de Muertos altar. We speak of tourism and appropriation from barbies to Coco. To close the podcast, I am honored to share the acoustic version of How Strange, a celebration of death and life by Feathered Sun.

Podcast by: Eamon Armstrong



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